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GifMator FAQ's page.

Q. How many animated gifs can I make?
A. As many as you like.

Q. When I press the back button why do you not keep all the images?
A. Its the way our coding works, if you haven't right-clicked and saved the image.
then you must have done something wrong anyway, just simply restart again.

Q. When I use different browsers, sometimes the animated images are slower?
A. Not all Browsers are the same. If you make an animated gif set to 50cs it might
appear a little slower say in some older browsers, this is due to the way browsers read code.
Some browsers also ignore the timer code of the image and echo it at half a second by default.
Google Chrome is best.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. Simply send an e-mail to with any issues you might have.
We will not reply to your email if your question is answered here.

Q. Is your domain name for sale?
A. We have not advertised it, but if the offer is reasonable, then we might consider it. Only make reasonable offers.

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